June 6 2017 – What’s new in Kitchener Waterloo?


Today is June 6, 2017. What’s new in Kitchener Waterloo?

Kitchener Champ knocked out by a wallaby

Kitchener’s 11 year old spelling bee champ got knocked out of the competition by the word Quokka – a kind of Australian wallaby.


First it was little libraries of books on front lawns, now it’s books on bikes. Books, once the private domain of institutions and the wealthy are now ubiquitous.


And speaking of bikes, June is Bike Month. Get free lights at the bike events this month

Mount Trashmore

Closed for the summer, much of McLennen Park for needed repairs. The dog park is open. Kids who want to splash can visit Lion’s Lagoon in Waterloo Park as Kiwanis Pool is also closed for repairs..

May showers

Combined April and May this spring were the third wettest in 100 years. Yeah, we already knew that.

Ah, yup

Two whole scintillating years before Oktoberfest, we were already selling quilts and rhubarb pies. There are 30 wonderful kinds of Mennonite in Southwestern Ontario.

Mobile home

An 1864 farmhouse might be moved a little bit down the road to make room for an expanding suburb in the Huron Park area.

Life is grand if you have a porch

After taking into account performance length, porch size and music type The Grand Porch Party has picked its lineup for this year. Here it is:

East Ward Dogs

Sounds like a Tarantino movie. If you have a dog, head over to Kitchener’s lovely East Ward and celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday (that’s over 1000 dog years)

Gone in 12 days

In May, KW real estate spent an average of 12 days on the market. Compared to 24 days a year ago. In fact, May set a new record for the number of home sales. Again. That’s the second month in a row. But it is not all hot, hot, hot. Sales prices slip slightly away.