June 7 2017 – What’s new in Kitchener Waterloo? 


Today is June 7 2017. What’s new in Kitchener Waterloo?

Jewel less a couple of diamonds

Waterloo Park, the jewel in the city will be losing a couple of baseball diamonds in a couple of years. The baseball diamonds are being replaced with nothing – a new public space big enough to hold event and festivals.

Who said diamonds are forever?

Going green

With the new garbage rules, green bin use is up 50% in Waterloo Region. It’s amazing what people will do when you give them no choice.

The tale of two trails

The Iron horse Trail and the new Spurline Trail are both getting some improvements. Signage, widening and better crossings are in the works.

Everyone loves Beechwood

Sometimes it’s fun to see what local Redditors think. If you could buy a house in any neighbourhood…?

Fido Fuel

The city of Waterloo is piloting a program to turn dog waste into energy. Available at three area parks special containers have been set up, to collect the waste.

A signal of the times

Frankly I’m not really sure how roundabouts work, but they work for Waterloo Region and they work for me. As for signalling, I’m going to have to stop chewing gum in the car to do that properly.

Passing Ayr

One of the worst intersections in the region is even worse with the construction of a new roundabout. If you want to save time and a bit of frustration this summer then avoid the Ottawa Street – Homer-Watson intersection. You have to pass through Purgatory to get to Hell. You have to pass Ayr to get to Paris. But you don’t really have to pass through Ottawa/Homer Watson do you?

Broken Windows theory

The City of Kitchener is proposing that vacant buildings cannot simple by boarded up anymore. They must look more or less like other homes on the street.