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Top home improvements to increase your home’s value


Top tips for home improvements

Before you sell your home, to get the best price for it, a little work is almost always necessary. Here are some tips on the best home improvements that will improve your home’s value.

Finish the basement

People buy houses to get more space. Unfinished space is curious. Any home that is more than five years old should really have a finished basement. What are you waiting for?

Open it up by knocking it down

In my first house, I knocked out the wall between the kitchen and the living room – dining room. What a difference that made. Suddenly our previously galley kitchen became the focal point for the whole downstairs.

Kitchen renovation

There is an old adage in real estate: kitchens (and bathrooms) sell houses. It’s very true. Update your kitchen with new countertops, new doors and drawers.  Add a kitchen island or maybe a peninsula. Knock out a wall, Upgrade your appliances. Add cupboard space.

Flat surfaces sell homes

A new adage is that flat surfaces sell homes. This means walls and floors and countertops. Paint the walls. This is the best ROI you can find. Update the flooring. Engineered hardwood is the best but since you are moving, a high quality laminate will do. Granite or a manmade hard surface countertops are the way to go.

Add a bathroom

As part of your basement renovation, add a bathroom. A two piece is all you need down there, at least in most cases. If you live in an old home like I do, that was built without a main floor bathroom, add one if you can find a good place for it.


In addition to regular maintenance, get your house in good order before selling. From a leaky faucet and a broken door bell to an old worn out roof, do the work that needs doing (if you can). Otherwise it will come off the price and add days on the market to your home selling experience.


There is more of course. There is always more you can do to get more money when you sell. Hopefully you haven’t waited to just before selling to take on some of the above items. The ideas of kitchen renovations and adding bathrooms should be done five or seven years before you ever consider moving so you can get enjoyment out of them too.

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