Five things to do with your yard in Autumn


It is Autumn. Time for some yard care.

Now that it is Autumn, you will need to devote a little bit of time to cleaning up and maintaining the yard. It will make a big difference in the spring time. Below are five things to consider.

Dealing with the leaves

Most people rake up all of the leaves either put them into bags or leave them on the curb for pick up. (You might blow them to the curb too, but that is so annoying!) Mulching and/or composting your leaves are your other options. You don’t have to pick up every single leaf, like my neighbour Jim. Some leaves are good for the grass!

Dealing with the grass

Autumn is the best time to fertilize and aerate your lawn.  Grass still grows in this kind of weather. In the summer heat it actually goes dormant and will not take well to fertilization. Take care of your grass now for great results next spring.

autumnTaking care of the trees

Autumn is the best time to prune and plant trees. Doing that in the spring can shock them right when they are blooming or budding. Now is also the best time to lope off any dead branches or to give them a nice trim.

Storing the gear

It is the end of the season for most of your yard equipment. Now is the time to service them and then put them away for the season.

Getting ready for snow

It is never too early to get ready for winter. If you have a snow blower, now is the time to start it up and make sure it is working well. While you are putting away your hoes and spades, take the time to dig out the snow shovels and sidewalk salt (if you use it)