Your month by month guide to maintaining your home


“Everybody wants to build”, the saying goes, “but nobody wants to do maintenance”. But, it is important. Nothing lasts forever. It is better to do a little at a time, clean as you go than to let things get out of hand. With that in mind, here is a month by month schedule to help hinder your avoidance and get you on track to successful home ownership.

Your month by month guide to maintaining your home


Clean kitchen light fixtures.  Use a microfibre cloth. Canadian Tire often has bundles of ten or twelve on sale for about $10.

Declutter. Check every room and space. Aim to get at the very least three bags of things out of the house.


Dust baseboards and vents. If you do not have a vacuum cleanser with a pipe and nozzle accessory, use a long-handled duster or a broom with a T-shirt or an old pillow case over the bristles.

Clean lights in the living room and  and dining room.


Clean and fluff pillows and bed linen. Concentrate on bedding that doesn’t get cleaned every week, like down comforters.

Turn and vacuum mattresses.

Test and replace smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.


Get the furnaces and A/C systems serviced. Some furnace companies have programs that will clean and adjust your HVAC system for as little as $50.

Clean out your eavestroughs. Eliminate fallen leaves and particles and see to it the downspouts are connected and direct water far from your home’s foundation.

Inspect decks and wood exterior features like steps and railings. Perform a visual examination each year. Do a deep-cleaning with a power-washer every 3 years.


Check the contents of your emergency kit. If you do not have an emergency kit, make one with a flashlight, batteries, candles, matches, a battery-powered radio, nonperishable food, bottled water and a first-aid kit. You may also want to consider getting a generator.

Clean the master bedroom light fixture.


Get air ducts and vents cleaned up. Clean ducts will aid with air quality and furnace A/C performance. Unless you have pets or allergies, or have done a renovation this isn’t a task you’ll need to do every year — every three or four years will be often enough. Examine clothes dryer air ducts, as well.

Wash all of the windows.

Inspect the attic. Make sure that there enough insulation, that it is appropriately sealed with a vapour barrier, that vents remain in good condition and that it’s well ventilated to let out wetness.

Clean the light fixtures in the other bedrooms.


Deep-clean the refrigerator and freezer. Identify and label everything so it won’t get forgotten. Organize the food in the kitchen cupboards. Get rid of the cobwebs behind the fridge.

Clean the dishwasher.

Dust ceilings. Use microfibre cloth and an extendible pole.


Inspect the chimney and fireplace if you have a woodturning fireplace.

Paint the exterior where needed. Places like around the garage door often need a touch up.

Clean lights in the living room and  and dining room.


Trim trees and get rid of dead branches. Don’t let tree branches brush again the side or roof of your house.

Examine caulking and weatherstripping around doors and windows. If anything is missing or crumbling, replace it.

Clean light fixtures in the family room.

Wash and fluff pillows and bed linen. Check the sofa cushions and throws for stains.

Turn and vacuum mattress.

Test and change smoke and carbon monoxide gas detector batteries.


Change your furnace filters

Vacuum or sweep the garage. This is a great time to wash, vacuum and declutter cars, as well.

Service and winterize outdoor equipment. Test snowblower. Winterize and store spring and summer equipment and accessories.


Clean out the eavestroughs

Turn off the outside water.

Dust baseboards and vents.

Clean master bedroom lighting fixtures.

Dust ceilings.


Vacuum lampshades.

Examine holiday decorations prior to putting them away. Get rid of those you don’t need or want anymore.

Clean the light fixtures in the bedrooms.

Bonus tips


Vacuum baseboards.

Vacuum and spot-clean furnishings.

Wash kitchen area and bath mats.

Polish wood furnishings.

Clean switches, phones, computer keyboards and remotes.

Wipe down appliances.


Spot-clean walls. Look for fingerprints, smudges and smears.

Change furnace filters.

Clean bathroom light fixtures and exhaust followers.

Tidy and polish hardwood floorings.

Clean window treatments and blinds.

Clean the oven.