selling your home in the winter

6 things to do to sell your home in the winter


Selling your home in the winter?

There are lots of great reasons to get the jump on your competition and sell your home in the late winter, the first is to get out front of the busy springtime competition. At this time of year, you can take advantage of the pent up demand that buyers have as not a lot has been listed since essentially the middle of November.

But if you are going to list your home for sale in the winter, there are a few things that you should do to maximize the effectiveness of your showings.

Shovel the walk and driveway

There is nothing worse than arriving at a home for sale and having to trudge through a foot of snow to get to the front door. Set a good first impression by making things nice and safe for your visitors.

Uncover your landscaping

Brush the snow from bushes and hedges, especially near the front door. The contrast of the greenery agains the white snow of winter will give the potential home buyers an idea of how great things look in the spring and summer months.

Crank up the heat

Cold houses seem cold and unwelcoming. You could turn the heat up maybe five degrees warmer than you usually keep it so your visitors get the feeling that their family would be comfortable here.

Show off the fireplace

If you have a gas fireplace, turn it on before all showings. Dress up your wood burning fireplaces.

Light it up

Winter is dull and dreary. The days are short so there is a good chance that showings will occur after dark. Just like keeping your home warm, you should keep it lit up. Not only outside lights, but inside too – turn them all on. The money you spend on your electrical bill will be more than made up when you get your asking price.

Don’t forget to open up all the drapes, blinds and curtains. You want the light to shine in in the daytime and for night showings, you want your home to be a welcoming beacon of light.

Think about comfort and cocooning

Add blankets to your sofa. Bake a pie, cake, bread or cookies. Play some soft and not-interruptive music. Give the idea that your home is a nice big warm comfort zone and it will sell well in the winter.