kitchen remodel

Updating your kitchen before the sale


Updating your kitchen for value and comfort

The old saying “kitchens sell houses” is largely true. The kitchen is really the most important room of any home. It is where a house becomes a home. It’s where you entertain. It’s a room with a very important purpose – a room you cannot do without. Your kitchen is the focal point of a family.

And kitchens have needs. Granite countertops, eat-in dinette, kitchen island, stainless appliances and built in dishwasher (as if there still existed any other kind).

Your kitchen is likely the most loved room in your home — and the wear and tear proves it. It’s the hangout for hungry teenagers, the conversation station during the holidays and the catch-up room after a busy workday.

A functional and appealing kitchen is important not only for your family but for your guests, too. After all, a delicious meal is only so appealing in a messy and cluttered kitchen.

Improving your kitchen for enjoyment and value

You shouldn’t update and upgrade your kitchen just because you are selling your home. You should do it for your families own comfort and enjoyment. Adding new paint, ensuring there is sufficient cupboard space, making a space to eat. These are all changes that will improve your kitchen for you and, in-turn, help to increase the value of your home. In fact, some people consider remodelling a kitchen as the single best update you can make to improve home value.


4 signs that your kitchen needs an upgrade

Outdated appliances

Old appliances are usually less attractive and use more energy than modern ones. New appliances can be safer too.

Wear and tear

A busy kitchen takes a daily pounding of heat and movement and moisture. Water will in time damage the countertops, cupboard and floor. Countertops become chipped and stained, burned and scuffed up. Laminate is so out. It is time to upgrade to a more durable material.

Not enough counter space

Your toaster, coffee maker, juicer, blender, kettle, another coffee appliance (or two) take up a lot of room. These are the things you use everyday and thus never really get put away (for long). Ideally, you want your countertops to be clutter free – but that rarely happens. Adding more counter space might mean installing an island and this has the added benefit of increasing under counter storage space at the same time.

Your home won’t sell

Houses that are move it ready not only sell faster, but they sell at a premium price. Although I don’t like to encourage people to spend a lot of money getting their home ready to sell, I can say with absolute certainty that if upgrades and renovations are done right and on a budget, much if not all of your money spent will be recovered in a higher sale price. Most importantly your house will sell where as without the renos it did not.


Upgrade your kitchen without doing a total remodel

If you are updating and upgrading just before a sale, you will want to be as cost-effective as you most possibly can be.

Here are four cheap and easy fixes

Clear off the counters

Put it away, whatever it is. You want to show as much counter  top as you can.

Install under-cabinet lighting

You will get a big impact from some low cost led rope lights.

Make it make sense

Arrange the toaster and the coffee maker near each other so it becomes the breakfast area.

Get a movable island or a floor to ceiling shelving unit

Create more flat surface space anywhere you can