purchasing a home

Purchasing a home the easy way


Purchasing a home is easy if you follow these 7 steps

Purchasing a home can really feel frustrating and difficult, particularly when arranging your own showings via Realtor and Broker web sites and from other prospective residential property listings sites like realtor.ca. Possible home buyers really feel slowed down or have a hard time getting the home-buying process started when they start this way.

Whether it’s the very first time or fifth time you are buying a home in Waterloo Region or in other places, there are a number of essential actions property buyers ought to take.


Know what it costs and what you can manage

Choosing a budget is the primary step in house purchasing. As a whole, it is suggested to prevent considering houses that set you back greater than three times your yearly earnings.

PRO TIP: stick closer to two times your salary

On average, a mortgage payment should not exceed more than 25 percent of your monthly gross income.

Nevertheless, if there are various other high month-to-month costs that have to be paid, things like private school tuition or medical expenses, it might be best to budget less than that 25 percent.

Get preapproved

A pre-approved home mortgage commonly makes it quicker as well as less complicated when getting a house. A loan provider makes use of numerous sources to establish how much money may be lent to the borrower.

You will be asked to provide some of the following:

  • Present pay stubs
  • Previous two years tax returns
  • Previous two years T-slips
  • Financial institution statements for last 2 months
  • Access to credit history report

Pre-approval is the step beyond pre-qualification. Where pre-qualification suggests a potential customer qualifies for a mortgage, pre-approval means that same customer has actually been assured a mortgage and has been carefully screened to find out exactly what they can afford.

Figure out your must-have features

Few residence purchasers find the #1 best home of their dreams. There are always upgrades needed to make the home your own.

Some common examples of must-haves for home buyers consist of yet are not restricted to:

  1. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  2. Layout and style of dwelling
  3. Yard and green space
  4. Garage spaces
  5. Neighbourhood and school
  6. Closeness to work or family

Location, location, location

Location really is essential. You really don’t want to be too far from work – the commute will kill you. If the kids are already in a great school, they will be very happy (and you will too) if you do not relocate them

Hidden costs

Lots of customers, especially very first time buyers, neglect to consider the various hidden expenses connected with getting a house. Things like insurance, taxes, mortgage insurance, title insurance, and closing costs all add up. When preparing a budget the rule of thumb that many realtors suggest is add 2% to the price of the home to cover all of the additional costs.

Find a local expert

The right real estate agent can make a world of difference when buying your next home. He or she will certainly root out the listings that best fit your budget as well as the essential must-haves on your checklist. To find the ideal agent, ask family members, close friends, research online and ask coworkers for referrals. Set up a meeting over coffee and explain what you are looking for. Getting off to a good start will save you lots of time and unnecessary running around.

Home inspection

Purchasing a house generally is the biggest decision a person makes in a lifetime. It’s important to enter into the purchasing agreement with eyes wide open as well as armed with knowledge about the house.

A home inspection is a purchaser’s right. It’s done prior to the prospective property buyer firming up the deal. Generally, an inspection is a smart idea as it provides the home buyer not just the comfort of knowing that he or she has bought a great house, but also important details pertaining to the residential property.