wallpaper or kids

5 ways wallpaper can individualize a kid’s space


From choosing preferred colours to creating styles from your kid’s own art, these ideas make a kid’s room extra unique

Not just for the dining room

We often associate wallpaper with “formal locations” of the home, like the dining-room or foyer. However nowadays, magnificent patterns, colours and textures are being used to enhance any space in a home– and kids’ spaces are a personal favourite.

Not just can wallpaper be spirited, lovely or cool, it can also be utilized to individualize your children’s bedrooms and to engage their imagination. Read on for five ways you can use wallpaper to make kids’ rooms feel more genuinely their own.

1. Wallpaper can reflect a kid’s favourite pastimes.

One excellent way to delight a kid is to adorn her space with something she definitely loves. Whether that thing is robots or butterflies, there’s a wallpaper that will speak to your child. I suggest actively engaging your child in the selection procedure. A strong opinion about a hobby or fascination might translate into a strong viewpoint about wallpaper.

Paper the entire room, or utilize it to accent one wall. In any case, you can utilize a special wall treatment to showcase your youngster’s character and preferences.

Pro tip: If a dramatic pattern feels too overwhelming for the walls, you can use a more subtle style to highlight your kid’s sought after crazes. Black-and-white papers can make colours actually pop on a wall and develop more drama and interest in a room. As a bonus, these wallpapers can grow with your child’s evolving taste for years, making it a more budget-friendly alternative.

2. Wallpaper can feature a kid’s favourite colours and shapes.

There is no shortage of choices when it comes to wallpaper. If your kid is huge on geometric shapes like triangles and stars, consider the lots of spirited papers that integrate these shapes to create beautiful abstract patterns. Utilizing one massive repeat of a single shape like this star wallpaper can make a vibrant declaration, however still leave breathing space for accentuating with pops of colour throughout the room. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it is that a child’s preferred colour ranks right up there with a preferred ice cream. Celebrate colour preferences and your kid’s bed room will immediately feel their own.

If your kid isn’t set on just one colour or shape, do not hesitate to blend it up! Various shapes and colour pattern can be integrated in interesting ways. In this space, for instance, thick stripes painted on the ceiling in blue-green, yellow and white contrast with a smaller-scale half-moon wallpaper pattern in black and white. The bold pairing results in a spirited, eclectic appearance.

Applying wallpaper to ceilings is likewise a creative way to introduce a splash of drama and character to a room. One caution: When thinking about papering a ceiling, remember you are operating at a height and versus gravity. Ceilings are usually also well lit, illuminating all imperfections. If you are not a great DIYer, I recommend you employ a professional.

Pro tip: If you’re not papering the walls, applying wallpaper that has your child’s preferred colours and shapes can be an excellent way to dress up ordinary areas and nooks, such as the backs of bookcases and racks.

3. Wallpaper can supply a canvas for a kid’s art.

Wallpaper makes a fantastic background for hanging your child’s artwork, in addition to engaging your kid to paint directly within the frames. Alternatively, use the paper as a background for framing a wall of family pictures. Artwork and pictures can be reorganized on this simple black-and-white paper, offering the space a lot of versatility in appearance and feel. It can also be cleaned up with a sponge, making it easy to rub out mistakes!

Pro tip: If you have an artist in the family, you can produce your very own customized wall-covering that functions as a colouring wall. Have your artsy household member or pal scan their line art work at a high resolution and send to a digital printer that specializes in wall-coverings. Quickly detachable peel-and-stick documents are well suited for this application.

4. Wallpaper can commemorate a kid’s original artwork.

Digital printing has changed the world of wallpaper by offering cost-efficient alternatives to costly hand-blocked wallpaper. Virtually any style or image can now be meant a wall-covering– including your kid’s own art work!

Pro pointer: Digital printers can print on a wide variety of documents, consisting of resilient peel-and-stick wallpaper. Go over all your options with the printer and enable him or her to assist you through the procedure. Don’t be shy to share your ideas, as you will be astonished at what innovation can accomplish on the planet of custom wall-coverings. Make it your own!

5. Wallpaper can stimulate your child’s imagination.

Whether it reflects an enchanted forest, stargazing at twilight or a scene from a preferred storybook, wallpaper can catch the essence of an environment and transport you to that location. Re-creating your children’s preferred settings, whether imaginary or nonfictional, is a true and strong expression of their characters! Wallpaper can set a strong background for the fantasy to come to life via home furnishings, carpets, accessories and toys. In this image, big blossoms and palms set perfectly with a fabulous tree fort.

Pro suggestion: Life-size objects provide themselves to that feeling of truth, so select a large-scale pattern or murals if you want to make your wallpaper appear to come to life. Large pattern repeats usually involve more paper because matching the pattern at every joint produces more waste– aspect this into your spending plan. Take precise measurements of your wall area for murals to ensure you have enough space. It’s always best to ask your wall mount to verify your measurements prior to ordering your wallpaper.

For a kid who enjoys camping or the outdoors, birch trees have instantaneous impact, particularly when matched with a canvas tepee.