Good photography is the second most important thing about home selling


Quick question. What is the most important thing for selling a house?

A: The price.

What is the second most important thing?

A: The photography.

Recently I was on the telephone with a client looking at listings together, deciding which ones we should put on our showing list and which ones we shouldn’t, naturally we ended up first describing what we saw in the photos.

Universally true

There are some things that are almost universally true in regard to photos. 

  1. You get what you pay for. Good photographers are worthy of their fees.
  2. No photos = you probably don’t want to see this home
  3. Bad photos = bad Realtor (Sorry. We are going to have to do better.) Gone are the days when Realtors can borrow the office point and shoot or use their cell phone for photos.
  4. Your first showing happens online. Bad photos or no photos are the easiest way to get your listing eliminated.