being a realtor

The myth and reality of being a Realtor


Being a Realtor

There are a few things about being a Realtor that are misunderstood by our clients. These things are part of the job for us

Getting paid

Often we go months in between pay cheques, then get several in one month. We have to be prudent. We have to be accountable economically to ourselves, our families and our brokerages.

We have to work for a brokerage, and they get a significant part of every dollar we make. Many of us do this job since we enjoy it. It is a satisfying job unlike any other that I have had.

We do a lot of work that we do not get paid for, behind the scenes… from  research done to suggestions provided, then we miss out on the paycheque because the seller has interviewed three or five agents and then chosen one or decided to sell privately, utilizing the info we provided them. We typically simply sigh and move onto the next client. There is a lot of wasted time and duplication in this business.

Listing and showing

Please do not call the listing agent to see their listing just because you do not want to trouble us. Call us and we will make sure you can see the listing as quickly as possible.

And the reverse is true. If we are the listing representative, please be sincere when we ask if you are dealing with a real estate agent. We do not wish to interrupt an existing relationship… and we do not wish to squander our time when you are dealing with somebody else.


We work hard to make ourselves readily available to you… nights, weekends, holidays and late at night. There are times we require time away with our families or go on holiday, so we pay another capable and reliable rep to look after you while we are not available.


House inspectors do not pay us to refer you to them… we simply believe it’s sensible to have an independent set of eyes looking at this substantial purchase you are making. And yes, house inspectors miss out on things all the time, however they do their best too.

Bad guys

Yes, there are some deceitful agents out there, simply as there are horrible individuals in every occupation. These sales reps have actually broken the general public’s trust. They need to be fined and prohibited from getting a real estate licence ever again.

To each of you who have actually been troubled or somehow impacted by a deceitful sales representative, we grieve with you and offer our humblest apologies that you have actually been through that. It makes us ill too and mad that our track records are lumped in with the bad guys.

There are likewise numerous genuine real estate salespeople who are credible and work hard every day. They will tell you what’s what even when it’s something you do not wish to hear.

Working through issues

Buying and selling a home is typically an oddly psychological and intimate experience… we invest a lot of time with you and generally get to understand you well. That’s why we treasure your recommendations to other families, good friends and colleagues… it indicates that you treasure our relationship too.

If there is an issue, please talk to us first and provide us an opportunity to resolve the issue. And keep in mind, we have expectations of you too, so let’s be direct and honest about how to work best together.

We value you. You are very important to us and we appreciate how challenging purchasing or selling a house can be.