home design trends

Home design trends


Home design trends evolve constantly

Home design trends evolve constantly, (and occasionally not quick enough.) While lots of home owners enjoy keeping their residences on trend with real estate tv programs, magazines and fashion and real estate websites, the fact is most homes have obsoleted elements.

According to a recent study, 70 percent of brand-new or prospective home buyers report having outdated style features in their current residences.

The six most common culprits for remodel-worthy features are

  1. linoleum floors (40 percent),
  2. popcorn ceilings (29 percent),
  3. timber paneling (28 percent),
  4. ceramic tile counter tops (28 percent),
  5. shag carpets (19 percent) or even
  6. avocado green bathroom appliances (8 percent)

Keeping up with ever-evolving choices for paint shades, home features, new innovations as well as just how we anticipate to use our homes over the years, is challenging. We likewise understand that preferences differ by generation, by home style, by region, even by city.

Which features bring more customers to brand-new homes?

Below are some highlights of the survey:

  • better energy efficiency (62 percent),
  • floor plans that can be individualized (58 percent),
  • easier to maintain homes (56 percent),
  • homes with the most recent technology (38 percent).

When all generations were asked to describe just how they use their present dining spaces, 80 percent of boomers claimed, “I use it as an dining room,” versus 65 percent of millennials that are interested in other uses of this typical area. Exactly what this tells us, is that more youthful house customers still choose a more typical design, but when it comes to how we all utilize that space, house builders need to give flexibility so dining spaces could be made use of in a wide range of ways.

Other findings

Soft natural tones (77 percent) were the much more popular interior paint shades for recent and potential house buyers. However, deep, heavy tones (54 percent) might soon take over. Virtually three in five (59 percent) millennials want the interior wall surfaces of their house painted with darker, rich shades, as compared to just 49 percent of their older equivalents.

Inside a new residence, hardwood flooring (65 percent) is thought about one of the most crucial feature, followed by USB and Ethernet ports (44 percent), a whirlpool tub (36 percent) and a sun room (34 percent). Millennials revealed more of an affinity compared to older generations for a whirlpool bathtub (39 vs. 32 percent), home theatre (30 vs. 24 percent) and wine fridge or cellar (21 vs. 12 percent).