choose a realtor

How to choose a Realtor 


The #1 Realtor might not be the very best Realtor for you.

The Realtor who offers you the very best list price isn’t really necessarily the best Realtor for you.

Your parent’s Realtor might not be the best Realtor for you.

So, how do you find the best Realtor to work with? Read on.

How should you select a real estate agent?

Don’t just go with the one who guarantees you the highest price for your house — he or she might not be able to deliver on that, and if you need to decrease your listing price, that does not look good. That actually leads to getting a lower price than you would have if you had priced it right.

Likewise, if you’re wanting to purchase, it’s a good idea to choose your agent carefully.

Here are a few pointers:


Ask your buddies and neighbours for recommendations if they reside in the basic area where you’re looking to buy.


Assess exactly what type of information the agent has the ability to give you. You do not have to be the one digging up the information on schools and neighbourhoods. A good sales representative may have handouts ready, or blog posts written or at least a lot of information stored up in his or her cranium that he or she can impart when asked.


Ask to be shown one home. See how the representative shows it to you and how comfortable your relationship is. Is he or she showing you the sort of home you’re looking for? Do they give you any pressure? Do they share relevant information about the home and neighbourhood?


Call or email three to five agents. See how they respond to your initial outreach. Set up a time to meet. Suggest visiting a single home (above).


Interview agents. Ask each one about her background, training, and experience. You’re looking for a seasoned agent with experience but with time to help you. (The best agents sometimes get too busy for new clients but don’t like to admit it.)


Keep looking. If you don’t find someone you like initially, take the time to continue looking. The more agents you have a look at, the higher the chances that you’ll discover one you really like who will serve you well.