moving day tips

The rocket science of your moving day


On the move

Since the dawn of time, people have been moving. In fact, up until the Agrarian Revolution, we were always on the move, chasing game, or avoiding becoming the game. But that was long ago and buried deep, too deep into our DNA now that we have lost the skill. Now we feel stress and apprehension when we think about moving.

Moving does not have to stressful. Here are some ideas that will help cut the stress and make the move:

Get ready for the first day

We always think about moving out, but we rarely consider moving in. What are you going to need in your first 24 hours in your new home? Pack a bag and a box or two with the essentials for daily life.

Sleeping on it

To protect your mattress from dust and dirt, put fitted sheets on both sides of it.

Don’t get hung up with hangers

The quickest way to pack you closet and unpack hanging clothes is to leave them on their hangers. The best way to do that is to go to your closet. Group a few hanging articles together. While still hanging, place the clothes into a drawstring garbage bag. Secure the drawstrings around the hangers’ hooks. Easy peasy.

Thinking outside the box

Label boxes on the sides — the sides are more likely to be exposed than the tops during the move.

Colour code and number the boxes for each room. And if you really want to be a superstar, put an extra few minutes into making a list of contents for each box. This can save you many minutes later.

Pack plates vertically, like records, and instead of searching for paper or newspaper, you can separate each plate and prevent breakage with a Styrofoam plate.

Cut holes in the sides of the boxes to use as handles.

Don’t pack it. Wrap it.

Anything with a lid can (and maybe should) first have some plastic wrap over the bottle top or jar top to prevent leaking.

You can also bundle thinks like cutlery up in cling wrap.

I don’t really recommend this one, but for the truly lazy (or time/energy efficient) you can actually take the drawers out of your chests of drawers and wrap up the drawers, contents and all!