Getting ready to sell

Getting ready to sell your home


Getting ready to sell your home is the most important part of the home selling process

The idea of getting ready to sell your home may seem like a daunting task. Exactly how will you market your home, sell it quickly and for the price you want are the three key things to consider.

There are many things that impact the value of a home, yet thankfully there are basic things you can do for a favourable outcome. Buyers will certainly be one of the most curious about your home during the first week to ten days that that it goes on the market, so see to it that you get off to a great start with these suggestions:

Brighten things up.

A dark or poorly lit house is not extremely inviting. When you are getting prepared for showings, turn all the lights on and open drapes as well as the blinds. Paint a light colour. Deep clean your carpets, walls, baseboards and windows. Do everything and anything to brighten things up.

Professional staging.

The objective of re-organizing your home is to garner as interested and highest possible number of potential purchasers. A home stager sees your house from a purchaser’s point of view – they will accentuate its strengths as well as de-emphasize its flaws. An alternative to spending money on a professional is to get someone with common sense (like a Realtor or a friend) to walk through your home with a fresh set of eyes or two and point out things that might not be obvious to you.

Remove personal things.

It might be hard, but it is essential to disassociate yourself from your residence while it is on the market. This means – de-personalize so that the buyers can see themselves living there. This suggests removing pictures as well as other items that may have emotional value. Packing these away may be hard, yet will help potential buyers to see themselves living in your house. They can’t do that when you are living there.

Excellent digital images.

Your listing pictures will be a possible buyer’s initial visit into your house. No photos or bad photos are really going to hurt. They really are. This is the very most important thing.

Consider little changes.

Depending upon the state of your home, your Realtor may recommend making particular upgrades, renovations or modifications. It is very important to note though that it is not always essential to do a complete overhaul. Concentrate on the upgrades and renovations that will give you the biggest bang for your buck (and time). Things like steam-washing carpets, painting the wall surfaces, or updating cupboard hardware can be all it takes to make your house appearance fresh and upgraded.

Get offsite storage

One of the easiest ways to declutter is to merely eliminate unneeded things from your home. Much less furniture within and throughout your house helps keep things clear. It is a great idea to find a portable storage unit that you can load up in your driveway (and then have taken away) or a more traditional storage unit.

Wrapping up

The idea of selling your home may feel like a daunting task. Exactly how will you market your home, sell it quickly and for the price you want are the three key things to consider.

Your ability to sell your residence quickly will depend on numerous things. Your best resource will be a seasoned real estate agent that will direct you in the process. Preparation is key. Be ready to show when you list  and keep your home in show-ready condition for as long as it is on the market.