moving house

Prune, purge, donate, rinse, repeat then move house


The Duke of Prunes

Moving house forces you to consider what you own, which gives you a chance to “prune your valuables” and to change your life. It’s not easy to decide exactly what you’ll bring along to your brand-new home and what is destined for new adventures.

Sometimes we’re sentimental about things that have no useful purpose, and sometimes we’re extremely optimistic about clothing that is not in style any longer or fits any more but we tell ourselves we’ll begin using them again after the move. Some possessions we think might come in handy someday in a far way future.


Regardless of any pain it may cause you, it is very important to chuck out anything you really don’t require. Not only will it help you avoid mess, but it can in fact make it simpler and cheaper to move.

Consider your circumstances

I grew up moving. I lived in seven houses before I finished high school. So I’m a good mover. I am the Duke of Prunes. I gave away, lost, or threw away everything I’ve owned many times over. It might not be as easy for you so here are three guidelines:

  • If you have actually not used it in over a year, it goes. This will help cut the number of clothes in your closets way down.
  • If a box has actually not been opened since the previous move, get rid of it. If the box isn’t labeled, you can be like me and throw away that mystery box.
  • Don’t get nostalgic. I have a tough time with this one. I can’t seem to get rid of my ~500 music CDs. I have Spotify now. It makes no sense.


Prune, purge, donate, rinse, repeat

After an initial round of purging, make two lists:

  1. One is stuff you definitely want — things like clothes and the furnishings you require for your brand-new house.
  2. The second list is an “if it fits” list. Maybe you will have to get rid of your dining room table as there is no room for it in your new home. Maybe something does not make the cut because it simply will not fit in the U-Haul

Make the hard calls

Loading up with too much stuff is among the biggest moving errors you can make. Save yourself some time, money, and peace of mind by decluttering as much as possible before you move.