clean the unclean

Clean the 7 unclean places in your home


Cleaning the unclean places in your home

Not only does everyone have different standards of cleanliness, we also get used to things the way they are and hence fail to notice hair and dirt on the floor, cobwebs in the corners, and dust on the lighting fixtures.

Below are seven places to clean before you list:

Ice maker

Ice absorbs odours. It’s a great idea to wash and disinfect the entire system every when in a while. Dump the ice. Clean the works and start over. As a bonus, your ice will taste a whole lot better.

Wash the bin as well as ice maker with vinegar, or place the bin in the dishwasher (check to make sure it is dishwasher safe first). Clean the ice maker with a dry cloth to get rid of moisture.

Glass and mirrors

Clean dull, smudged glass and mirrors with straight vinegar. If you’ve been using commercial cleansers it may take four, five, or many more cleansings with vinegar to get all the wax off the glass.

Handles and knobs

You touch them many times daily.

Spray them all with a cleaning solution and wipe.


Crumbs and dirt collect in the utensil organizers and in the drawers. Suck them out with your vacuum hose and then wipe with a wet cloth.

The commode

For the porcelain throne get down on your hands and knees and give everything a good going over. For any type of non-porcelain parts, vinegar is a great cleaner.

Flat surfaces collect dust

Flat surfaces on TVs, picture frames, computer printers, keyboards, remotes door frames, and any lightly or unused book, electronic device or surface will collect dust. Use a damp microfibre cloth to get rid of the built up dust.

Lighting fixtures

We never look up. If we did we would see just how filled with dust and dead bugs some light fixtures are. I’m certain if you go through your home, you will find some that need a good cleaning.

Wrapping up

It is sometime the little things that can disqualify your home from consideration. And a good deep cleaning is always worthwhile whether you are selling or not.