4 Things To Look For In A Qualified Contractor (guest post)


Buying a home that needs to be renovated can be great for the personalization factors, but finding the right team for the job can be the most daunting part. For some new homeowners, the most challenging part of a renovation project is finding that qualified contractor to complete your project. Building a multi-level deck or installing a high-security iron fence is simple compared to the struggle of hiring a quality contractor who will perform work at a high level from project start to finish. If done correctly, this investment has the potential of being an even better return on equity for your property. 

Planning for renovations can be stressful, and Boyer Premier Fencing wants to make the process a little easier on you. Check out our list of 4 things to look for in a qualified contractor. If they check all the boxes, hire them… don’t let them be the one who got away. 


1. Reliable 

Do your research on contractors, rely heavily on word of mouth and prior customer reviews. Check with friends, neighbours, or co-workers who’ve used contractor services before. You could also look at websites that post ratings and reviews and see what other clients have to say about their experience with a particular contractor. Our last recommendation is to check out your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) website by searching for contractors or even searching the company. You will want to make sure you hire someone who shows up consistently and on time, presents deliverables when promised, as well as a company who produces a high-quality level of work. If you’re hesitant of being involved in a scam, search the Consumer Beware List. 

2. Insurance

Be sure that the contract company you hire is both licensed and insured! This demonstrates the contractor’s credibility and knowledge. The license shows the contractor has taken required tests and proven they know proper building codes and processes. This license will minimize the risk of homeowners getting ripped off, so be sure to get the contractor’s license number. Insurance covers any costs that may arise due to worker accidents or damage to you (or your neighbours) property due to contract work. You will also want to get proof of this. 

3. Cost

Sometimes the lowest or highest price isn’t the best way to decide on which contractor to choose either. Low price doesn’t mean you’ll save money in the long run as you may have to spend extra on repairs. A high rate does not necessarily represent high-quality material or the right contractor either. Find a contractor who presents you with a quote you are comfortable with. 

Once a fair cost for the work is determined, prepare a payment schedule. This should be fair to both parties involved (yourself and the contractor). The Ontario Government recommends giving 

no more than 10% of the cost of the project as a down payment. Another financial tip is don’t make the last payment until the project is fully complete and you are satisfied with the end result. 

4. Experience 

It is essential to search for contractors who have experience in the type of project you want to be completed. You wouldn’t want a roof layer to build you a deck. Today, plans are becoming so regulated and code specific, you want someone knowledgeable about all details involved. 

Ask to see previous work samples. If a contractor lets you see their completed tasks, its because they are proud of what they have accomplished and have nothing to hide. This also allows you to see the quality of materials they use and their creative design processes. 

Another way to check their experience is to find out how long they have been in the business for. You don’t want your project to be their first time at the rodeo. We’re a firm believer in the “practice makes perfect” mentality. 


Once you’ve found a contractor, draft a contract regarding project details. This contract should include a payment schedule, proof of insurance and permits, start date and projected completion date, list of materials and a detailed description of the project. Insisting on this contract doesn’t imply mistrust; instead it ensures both parties have a clear understanding of what is required. This will provide a successful project. 

Hiring a contractor for your home solutions can be among one of the more significant financial commitments you will make in addition to the purchase of your home. Poor project planning and execution by a contract will result in years of frustration and additional expenses. Don’t forget to check for these things when contractor hunting: reliability, proof of insurance,  cost, and relevant experience. 

We’re going to make this hunt for a reliable contractor even easier… look no further! Boyer Premier Fencing & Backyard Solutions is committed to delivering premium materials and prompt and professional service. From serving Southern Ontario for over 90 years, we have been deemed as an industry leader in backyard furnishings because of our quality and service.