lighten up a dark house

The best ways to brighten a dark home


When you are selling your home, most Realtors will tell you to turn on all of the lights and open up the curtains before all showings. Do you ever wonder why that is?

Lighten up

Whether you live in a huge home with a dark interior or a little home with just one window, follow these pointers to bring in much more sunlight or at the very least make it look that way.

Let the outside in

Those trees around your home obstruct natural light from reaching your house. And cut back those bushes and vines around your windows.

You might also replace your dark wooden deck with something lighter.

Decks often block out basement windows. Maybe a patio is better. And, about that pergola…

The doors

Doors present a fantastic chance to let in even more light, enhance the sight from within and also make the access much more inviting.

Because your front door is a reflection of your home’s personality, choose a design that’s appropriate to the architecture. Select one with opaque glass or small windows at the top if you’re worried concerning privacy. Even a small percentage of natural light getting through will certainly make a massive difference.

Clean windows

Call a professional window cleaning company and give them a good deep cleaning. When was the last time you cleaned the windows?

Paint your rooms a light, bright colour

Colours are really just light that reaches our eyes after bouncing off things. That means that white is the purest of colours and gives the feeling of lightness and light.

Paint with colours that are filled with light and your rooms will be greatly brightened.

Let contrasts pop

A kitchen with white cupboards, backsplashes, walls and counters will be stark and boring.

To keep things interesting with accents – contrasting bold accents! Select accessories, kitchenware and decorations in your preferred colour, or perhaps choose an entire combination of contrasting colours.

Sneak in some style and individuality with a vivid mosaic backsplash, or include dramatization to the scene with dark furnishings, picture frames or patterns.

Strategically place mirrors

Mirrors do not make every space look better on their own, though there is some truth to the belief that mirrors bring in and reflect natural light in areas that already receive it. They won’t make a dark room bright but they will make a bright room brighter.

Install new windows

Newer, bigger windows will let in more light. You might also consider installing a skylight or light tubes. Light tubes are pretty cool!

Remove glare

Occasionally the issue isn’t the quantity of light, but the quality. Overhead lights illuminate rooms, but the impact is as extreme as high-noon sunshine. Tone it down.

You should diffuse the indirect light of morning. Place lights near the walls. Install LED strips under cupboards to cover the wall surface in a soft radiance. Be certain to add  “task lighting” anywhere it is required most, such as the office or any place you work or read.

Replace heavy curtains

Replace window treatments with something much less obstructive. Sheer window coverings allow for lots of light, without compromising your privacy.

Shutters, though great looking, block out a lot of light. You might not want them in your darkest rooms.