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7 Questions to ask yourself before starting your kitchen renovation


Your kitchen is the most important room in the house

Thinking about a kitchen renovation? Had enough of your out-of-date kitchen counter, floor, cabinets and electric stove? Before you begin just know that a remodel of any kind has its reasonable share of ups and downs. So before you dedicate many months of time and many hard earned dollars, there are some questions you could ask yourself.

When budgeting your money and your time, you should plan the work then work the plan. Here are some questions to think about before starting that kitchen reno:

Do you want your kitchen remodel to be personal, stylish, or timeless?

Are you remodelling to raise your home’s resale value (timeless), to improve your home’s decor (trendy), or to enhance functionality for yourself (individual)? Decide the objective of your kitchen improvement project, since it will guide just how you approach the project. One great way to answer this concern is to consider just how long you intend to stay in the home.

If the remodel is to improve resale value, you should make changes that are going to draw in customers. If you’re into trendy design, ensure the task will both satisfy your aesthetic and remain on budget. And if your kitchen reno is for you for the long term select even more functional amenities that you will need as you get older.

What is your budget?

The amount you can spend on your kitchen renovation will certainly dictate it’s scope. Start with what isn’t really working in your current kitchen. Maybe the fridge makes a lot of noise. Maybe your backsplash is way out of date. Decide what you must change and what you would like to change — essentially a list of needs and wants. Do the needs first and then prioritize the wants to stay on budget.

What can you keep?

The cost of a complete kitchen do-over can vary anywhere from $25,000 to $65,000. So before you gut your entire kitchen, save what you can! Maybe your cabinets are still in good shape, but are the wrong colour. Maybe you can just repaint them a lighter or darker colour and replace the hardware. That will save you a lot of money!

Can you do it yourself or do you need a pro?

While you’re considering your budget, you need to likewise choose if you need to hire a contractor or if you can do it yourself. If you are like me, some of the work you can do yourself and some of it can be left to professionals. A rule of thumb that I use is hiring a professional will essentially double your project costs. Get quotes from contractors before you decide.

When is the very best time to start a reno?

You will not be able to use your kitchen for days, weeks and sometimes even months. You might want to go on holiday or camping while the work is being done. Or maybe you want to take time off from work to manage the work. Or if you plan on doing the work yourself, begin when you know that you have adequate time to finish it — the rule I use it that it will take twice as long as you think. A kitchen renovation is a major commitment, so be prepared for it to take time.

Where are you going to purchase your materials?

If you have the aid of an interior designer or contractor, they can help you source every little thing from cupboards to floor coverings. For those doing it DIY, visit local warehouses as well as display rooms to see just how products such as countertops and tiles look in reality.

Do you want an entertainer’s kitchen, a chef’s kitchen or a designer’s kitchen?

For those of us who do a lot of entertaining, sufficient counter space, dual ovens, and a large fridge are needed.

For dedicated chefs and cooks of all skill levels, storage space may be a crucial consideration as bulky kitchen gadgets may be your design challenge.

And for some of us, the kitchen area is more of a design feature than a functional one. For those, a focus on things like customized cupboard styles and finishes may be your thing.

The reality

On reality TV, they make it look easy. It only takes an hour. That’s not real. It takes time and money, but a kitchen renovation is always worth it.