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6 living room looks that homebuyers dislike


The living room as a reflection of you

Your home decor is a reflection of your individual style. And that style is never more apparent than how you choose to decorate your living room — the spot where your guests gather and your personality is most on display.

Living in a home is very different than selling a home. If you’ve gone crazy painting your living room in bold colours or invested thousands putting down a Moroccan tile floor, remember just how prospective customers might regard your choices.

Buyers have to visualize themselves living in your house and liking that living room — the second most important room of the house. If your living room style is aged or alienating, buyers may eliminate your home from further consideration.

So with that in mind, you might want to rethink these big six polarizing style choices prior to putting your home up for sale.

Television over the fireplace

Find another place than over the fireplace for your 60-inch flat-screen TV. Today’s buyers want living rooms that are composed and peaceful. TV’s are for family rooms or basement rec rooms.

Blond hardwood floors

Twenty to thirty years ago light coloured hardwood floors were fashionable. Today they out of style. Sanding and re-staining hardwood is expensive so I would never advise you to take that on just before you sell.

But, if you’re considering doing it anyway…

Dark, wide-plank floors are ‘in,’ and blond wood is ‘out’. If the floorings are dated, the impact of having them redone is huge.

Together with new neutral coloured paint and wide baseboards, a dark coloured hardwood flooring will give your home the modern look that will appeal to most buyers.

Dark coloured walls

Most homebuyers repaint before or soon after moving in. But painting over saturated tones calls for even more coats, more time, and naturally, more money spent. Some homebuyers look at your dark coloured walls and see a lot of work ahead.

To obtain the highest possible selling price and to attract the most interested buyers, paint the whole place in straightforward neutral colours.

Outdated furniture

Of course, the future owners will be bringing their own furnishings. Yet picturing their beautiful contemporary furnishings in your living room could be difficult if your obsolete furniture is distracting them.

And not only may they struggle to see themselves in your place, because of the age of your furniture they may likewise fret about the quality of your home. Old furnishings could leave a buyer with the perception that there is a lack of focus on routine maintenance and upgrading.

Narrow baseboards

In a bungalow I own, I replaced all of the old and faded, narrow blond wood baseboards and trim with wide, white baseboards and trim and the result was stunning. It took just a couple of days to turn a tired old house into a modern day masterpiece!

Faux finishes

Paint over your fake Venetian plaster, murals or textured walls. Asking a buyer to adopt your design style is a high-risk gamble you don’t have to take. Just like darkly painted walls, most potential buyers see these components as work they will have to do and money they will have to spend.