decorate for the holidays

How can I decorate my home for the holidays without hurting the sale?


Q: Our young family loves Christmas, but I think our home is going to be for sale over the holidays. How do we decorate without hurting the sale?

A: This is a great question!

You have to strike a balance between observing the holidays and selling your home. That means not distracting the potential buyers from seeing themselves living there with too many or too personal decorations. Here are some ideas:

  1. Depersonalize your decorations
  2. Fit into the neighbourhood norms
  3. No one likes inflatables on the front lawn
  4. Hang a simple wreath on the front door
  5. Hang a simple string or two of white lights in the trees out front or along the roofline
  6. Do not display Christmas cards on the mantle
  7. Do not clutter counters and tables with Christmas treats
  8. Do not over-decorate your tree
  9. Put a few empty boxes under the tree instead of real presents