KW3 on gyms, momentum and interest rates


1. You 101

It’s way easier to eat lousy food than it is to exercise it off. My old gym closed and then we had those two hectic years in real estate. I joined a new gym in September (and like to go three or four times a week). But exercise alone won’t save us. Calories in. Calories out. That’s so basic and so wrong. Lose weight through intermittent fasting. Get in shape through building activity into our daily lives.

And some of our gym-going effort is undermined by our inputs. So, why eat lousy food in the first place? 

Yeah, I’m on a bit of a health kick, but I started mine in September and I look forward to and welcome seeing new members join my gym. And I hope they don’t quit. 

2. A-OK by the EDC

Momentum, optimism, talent and cost advantages. The outlook for Waterloo Region is bright. I’ve heard of Erwin Hymer. I’ve got one parked in my driveway but Leoni Elocab, what’s that again?

3. Something interesting about rates

This is tricky stuff and that’s why I rely on a great mortgage broker when it comes to mortgages. Here’s a fun fact — Estimated variable mortgage rate is up 22%. This means Canadians are paying more to their banks, and making less of a dent on their debt.