KW3 on spam, walls and hotels


1. Staying out of the weeds

There is a small problem that I have and perhaps some of my colleagues have too. I’m super easy to find on the internet. As such I get the bad with the good. Everyday and every week I will get phone calls asking me to advertise in something or other like golf course magazines, trade shows, the kitchener market… I get spammy emails asking to guest post on my website, or offers to improve my SEO. I get phishing attempts where I’m invited to click on a google docs link and occasionally I will get a fake review or invited into some kind of scam. Most of it is just a bother and an interruption and it’s a little frustrating to always having to do “housecleaning” like blocking callers, reporting spammers and ignoring texters. 

I rant, but I can’t really complain. I can’t imagine doing this work any other way. 

2. Let’s build a wall!!! 

This was posted on a local real estate facebook page in December. I cannot verify the numbers or agree with the underlying sentiment. 

I’ve talked with lots of agents this year from all brokerages. The one common thread is that almost everyone did less deals this year. 10 years ago there were 1130 agents on KWAR and the average agent did 11 deals/year. This year there are 1853 agents and the average agent did 5.5 deals/year. The opening/sharing of Ontario Regional. (Matrix) made it easier for out of town agents who now have 20% of our market.

3. Neighbourhood LPT

Here is an unbiased way to get some neighbourhood information. When moving to a new city or place and you‘re not sure if an area is safe, look up reviews of nearby hotels. Hotel guests will most likely say something about the area