KW3 on sales, cancelling and private sellers


1. Counting to ten thousand

It’s hard to think back and remember what I thought being a real estate agent would be like. I had spent the previous ten years of my working career in sales so I suppose I thought it would be a continuation of that. What I didn’t realize was a lot of things, the first important one is that corporate sales is nothing like retail sales. Dealing with professional buyers, business owners, and managers is nothing like dealing with the general public. 

Different game. 

Different players. 

Different rules.

If I were to do it again, I think the most important change that I would make is that I would either join a Brokerage with excellent training and support or I would join a team and do my time in the trenches learning all I could in a short time as possible. I would get to my ten thousand hours as quickly as I could (working with someone else clients). 

2. Notes from the chat widget: What to do after you cancel. 

Customer Support: Hi, I’m Keith. I’m here to help. Any questions?

Visitor: Hi do I have to pay for her out of pocket expenses to my realtor after suspending listing agreement? She asked me to pay

 Keith: That is not uncommon.

Visitor: However, it was a rental agreement

Keith: Interesting.

Visitor: I changed my mind about renting out my place, and we canceled listing agreement. She wants me to compensate her for photo shoots and her advertising expenses

Keith: that sounds fair to me

Visitor: Yes, is it required by law, or it is only fair to compensate. Can she sue me if I don’t?

Keith: She can sue you. You have a contract.

Visitor: She, however, did not cancel brokerage/landlord contract hoping to have business with me. Shall I cancel it too?

Keith: How much did she spend?

Visitor: She did not say how much. She said that it is all about 600 + HST. And I wanted to rent it for $2650

Keith: I think you should pay her what she spent. Get the receipts and pay her the out-of-pocket expenses but not for her time and then she will cancel the contract

Visitor: thank you

Keith: You’re welcome.

3. More notes from the chat widget: Well, that escalated quickly! 

 Customer Support: Hi, I’m Keith. I’m here to help. Any questions? 

Visitor: my house on the market is worth 745k, I want to sell private, I have  a lot og realtors coming to my house asking if I need to sell , what is your opinion 

Keith: Ttake their cards and tell them that you will contact them if you change your mind about selling privatly 

Visitor: but how does it work if they come to my house with clients and I am selling privately 

Keith: The agents can get a commission from their clients or if you agree they can get a commission from you. You decide 

Visitor: Okay thank you. What do you think about the market in 2019? 

Keith: Here in Kitchener-Waterloo our market is going against the general trend. Prices were up 3.4% last year. 

Visitor: Thank you, do you know where I an find a written contract to sell a house? or do I write one myself? do I need any legal documents? 

Keith  Your real estate lawyer will prepare those documents since you are selling on your own 

Visitor: great. what do you think about Geulph?\ 

Keith I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that. 

Visitor: y 

Keith  Guelph is not part of my territory. Before I go, do you have any other questions for me? 

Visitor: ur a waste man …don’t act sik…or u will fen for that..fowarddd 

Keith  I don’t understand. Why are you so angry? 

Visitor left