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Offering Your House For Sale This Winter? Get A Great Price With These 10 Tips


If you are selling your home this winter, these 10 tips will get you sold!

1. Price Correctly

Price it right and attract serious buyers. It is ok to price too low and hold off on offers but do not price too high.

2. Keep Your House Warm

Cold houses do not sell. Do not turn the heat in your vacant house down to 10C. The money you save in heating costs will be spent in time and money to attract your buyer.

3. Create A Comfortable Space

The cold weather can be a hard time to make a good presentation. The exterior of your house will not have quite the curb appeal it tends to have in the warmer months. But you can make your house as warm and inviting as possible. If empty, think about staging. Make a fire. Bake some cookies. Have a pot of coffee waiting. Turn the warmth and welcoming up. 

4. Let There Be Light 

Open the blinds to let in natural light and switch on all lights before all showings.

5. Save Energy 

If your home is “smart,” tout that techie energy-saving programmable thermostat and lighting that you control with a phone or tablet. Features such as radiant heated floorings, heated garages and insulation with high R values are winners.

6. Watch For Competition

With fewer houses on the market, it is easy to see who your competition is in the winter season. Watch on other listings in the neighbourhood and know what you are up against. 

7. Exterior Maintenance

 Do not forget to shovel and clear a walk so purchasers can safely make it into the driveway and front door.

8. Think About Curb Appeal

Understand how the outside of your home looks during the winter season. A vibrant wreath on the front door, some plants around the entryway and the curtains open are all some of the tips I recommend. Bringing a little spring and colour into your house.

9. Think Year-Round, Not By Season

Sophisticated homebuyers can look past current weather conditions as long as the property’s unique qualities are well suited to them. Highlight the lifestyle amenities onsite that provide a year-round benefit to the property.

10. Staging

Put on the fireplace, bake cookies in the oven, have the walkways ice totally free, stage an open house. Declutter, make the home look as photogenic and presentable. Put your best foot forward.