KW3 on doorbells, postcards and tacos


1. No one is knocking at the door

The batteries on our wireless doorbell died a few years ago. I never replaced them. Most people we know will text and let us know that they are there. If it is an Amazon delivery, we can see the truck pull up out front and if it is a stranger, the dog sometimes lets me know. 

Funny thing is no one ever knocks. 

2. Postcards sending me over the edge

I received my first real estate postcard of the season. I’ve had this one before, many times since 2016. Repetition is the key to old school marketing. 

Here are the other key elements that real estate postcard marketing must include:

Offer: Free home staging consultations. Free consolation with no obligations. 

Promises: Your home sold guaranteed (specific conditions apply).

List of services offered: Digital marketing. Custom marketing plan, Bi-weekly written updates.

Accolades and awards.

Call to action: Call today.

3. Life is a carnival

There was this story in the Star last week about a GTA area real estate agent bringing a Mexican food truck to an open house and attracting over 200 visitors. It cost him about $5000 to host that open house. Here are my thoughts on that.

  1. He is setting the bar too high for the rest of us regular Realtors
  2. He is going to bankrupt himself with this kind of gimmick, sooner or later. 
  3. There’s a listing presentation I’m not going to win.
  4. So much effort for an open house.
  5. Open houses don’t sell houses. Open houses attract future clients!
  6. He just received free advertising!
  7. Excellent commitment to an idea.
  8. Free tacos! I wish he was a local Realtor.