KW3 on nudists, spam and hostage negotiations


Flamborough nudist resort 

The story about the fire at Flamborough nudist resort made me think about a funny incident that happened to me a few years ago. My youngest daughter played rep soccer so on summertime evenings and weekends we often found ourselves coming back from out of town games. This evening we were coming back from Hamilton and stopped at the Tim Hortons on Highway 6. The girls went in to use the bathroom and I stayed out by the car to enjoy the evening. A young lady came out of the back of the Tim Hortons and we struck up a conversation about how nice it was to be in Ontario in the summertime. 

Out of nowhere she said, “I wish I could get out of this uniform. I hate wearing it”. Then she told me that she was a nudist at a resort nearby. It was completely unexpected and I didn’t know what to say. I’m never at a loss for words. Luckily I didn’t say the wrong thing, embarrass myself or the young lady (which I assume would be hard to do) as the girls returned from inside and we were on our way again. 

Waiting for the click

A guy I used to work with, now retired, related a story on Facebook recently about how he toyed with a spam phone call from the CRA. He took a lot of joy in leading them along and he had a fun time pulling the rug out from under them at the last minute.

A podcast I listen to (Reply All) went all the way to the source of their spam call (India) and actually to the boiler room call centre and met with their scammers. 

I get calls every week from unidentified numbers near and far. You probably do too. Spam calls are the junk emails of this decade.

Spam phone calls are annoying and bothersome and interruptive but I’ve come to enjoy the interlude and the intermission that they offer. My goal now is to keep them on the phone as long as possible. I tell myself that do this so they don’t bother other people. But I also do this to waste their time. And I do this for my own enjoyment.  

I say, “Just a sec, let me get a pencil”, and then I mute the call as see how long they stick around”. 

I know it’s childish, but what’s a guy to do. I’ve tried blocking the numbers. I’ve tried filtering the numbers with an anti-spam app. I can’t let everything go to voicemail. 

The other thing I do when I get a spam phone call is take a break. We spend far too much time sitting at our desks working. If I get a spam phone call it is a great reminder to take five, take a break, walk around, enjoy the moment.   

How hostage negotiations is just like sales

I was reading this article — How to listen like a hostage negotiator and I struck by the fact that advice for hostage negotiators is great advice for salespeople too

  1. Set aside logic
  2. Acknowledge emotions
  3. Indicate you are listening and repeat.