KW3 on websites, amalgamation and investing


1. Back in the day

I was looking at this infographic about the most popular websites since 1998, twenty short years ago. I think I got my first computer (a 486, whatever that means) back in ’95 or thereabouts but as we all know, things didn’t get serious until the early 2000s.

Back in the 90s my favourite websites were: 

Yahoo (search, and news), 

Salon (news) and 

Hotmail (email).

I also had an online diary at Diaryland and would visit daily a site called Question of the Day

2. A game of amalgamation 

Every so often the issue of amalgamation bubbles up, often during an election or when we have elected a radical at some level of government. We should amalgamate. From an ‘economies of scale’ point of view, Waterloo Region with its three big towns and several little villages and hamlets would probably benefit. And few things make me angrier than when I see the way our City of Waterloo wastes money.

Having said that, amalgamation if it ever happens will have to be thrust upon us. We will go, but only kicking and screaming. Just ask someone from Galt, Preston and Hespeler how they feel about Cambridge’s amalgamation two generations ago.   

3. Investing your time in reading about real estate investing

I don’t usually share real estate articles about investing because real estate investors are not my best clients (far from it). However, as a real estate investor myself and someone who not only enjoys reading about real estate, but enjoys good writing, this I have to share. 

For the record I don’t agree with a lot of what this guy says, but I also regularly read Garth Turner too and I agree with almost nothing he says  — I just like the way he writes.

Recently I wrote about the urgency that lead to good decision making during the crazy 2016-2017 market. This article starts with a similar thought. In that crazy 2016-2017 period, FOMO was a driving force. Now that thinks have cooled, whatever the opposite of FOMO might take over and that is a missed opportunity for real estate investors. 

Read the article. Don’t fall into the Goldilocks trap of not investing.