Your credit score’s excellent, but your spouse’s is not so good. Can you still get a good mortgage?


Credit scores

All set to get a home with your significant other? Do you have an excellent credit score? Yes? Great. How about your significant other? No? If not, getting a mortgage might be difficult. It also might be a strain on your relationship.

But it’s absolutely not an impossible dream, or something you’ll have to wait a decade to accomplish. First, you should recognize just how home mortgage lending institutions see joint mortgage applications (whether you’re married or otherwise). After that, take these actions to boost the probabilities you’ll land your desired Kitchener-Waterloo home.

The fundamentals of joint mortgage applications

Here’s some logic. If one credit score is bad and the other good, why not just get a mortgage using just the excellent credit partner? The difficulty is, if you send just one partner’s details on the mortgage application, the mortgage underwriters will only consider that partner’s income and assets in establishing whether to grant the loan. Furthermore, in many cases, couples must rely on their combined earnings and possessions to get approved for a mortgage.

If the partner with excellent credit can not qualify for the mortgage on his or her own, you’ll be required to apply using both of your ratings. That suggests a harder road to authorization and often at much less desirable financing terms.

Steps to take 

Discuss your credit score 

The last you both want to find out from the mortgage broker that one of you has a bad credit rating. Money is something that we don’t like to talk about but we have to keep our relationships strong.

Check your most current credit report

Once again, share what you discover with your significant other. Why is one partner’s credit rating bad? Is it the result of a previous single incident or is there a pattern of financial neglect?  If it is the latter, take steps to improve your financial awareness. Knowing that you have a problem is after all the first step in correcting it.

Establish practical goals

These days, it might be difficult for someone with a poor credit rating to obtain a mortgage alone. Together, with one good credit and one with not so good can still have a shot at a mortgage . It’s simple. Just contact a mortgage broker. They often deal with 13 or 31 different lenders. You can anticipate having to pay more for your mortgage and this will certainly also reduce the amount of house you can pay for. But at least you may be able to qualify for a mortgage. 

Improve your credit 

You can normally improve your credit rating by a least a modest margin within six to eight months. Stay clear of any late payments, refrain from obtaining new credit (or shutting down any current credit), and pay for any credit card as they come due. 

If you apply alone

Regardless of the negative aspects, in some cases it makes good sense for the partner with good credit rating to look for the mortgage alone. (Maybe that person also has a substantially higher income). The non-applying partner can likewise move any assets into the other’s name, keeping all income off limits for mortgage consideration.

That the deed of the home remains in the name of the mortgager only for married couples isn’t a problem. Should the mortgager pass away, the house will certainly go to the surviving partner.

This is not necessarily true for non-married couples regardless who is paying into the mortgage so consult with each other and your lawyer and lender for their best advice.