R1: microblogging, Baroque and success


Here are some recent random thoughts captured and now penned up here:

I was at an office meeting and we were asked to “share the secrets of our success”. One of the agents said that no matter what she is doing, when her phone rings she answers. 

I think that is great. But not for me. 

I used to love the telephone but now I find often that my day is one interruption after another. A ringing telephone is hard to ignore. But if they don’t leave a message maybe it was call spam, a scam or otherwise unimportant. I think about this every time it rings.

I started microblogging here as a fun place to keep ideas that don’t fit on my other sites. That’s it. I don’t expect great things. These ideas are little chunks of ice broken off of the shelf, now drifting free, into the open waters. It’s new and it’s fun. It’s like moving into a new house in a new town. It’s like beach combing in Nova Scotia

I’ve been listening to a lot of Baroque music. This morning I put on Richard Wagner – marching into Poland music. It’s gloomy. Sweepingly. I put it on because it came up in a book I’m reading — Haruki Murakami’s Killing Commendatore. Setting the mood. Wispy auditory brush strokes like a painting of a prairie sky.

Writing to the internet now is like listening to Wagner. It’s vast and lonely and indiscriminate. It’s as big as the ocean, as big as China. Here I am a little drop of water, a peasant in a blue uniform on the steps of the train station somewhere in Henan province. It wasn’t like this when I started blogging twenty years ago.

I strive for a simple life, uncomplicated, enjoying all I have. Striped down, basic, undecorated, like country music, like diner food, like a can of beer. I have clothes on my back, everything I need. I strive less, enjoy more. I’m talking less, listening more, watching, learning. Still. I walk slow, talk low and with the thoughts that, like OJ through an airport, run though my mind I capture them and write them down here. To ponder. To wonder.

 I have a role to play and play it I shall. 

When I look at a lot of the realtors at the biggest brokerages, they lean on the brand, not on themselves.

There should be more songs about warm blankets and wool socks