R2: hockey sweaters, club sandwiches and rabbit holes


Here are some recent random thoughts captured and now penned up here:

 Nature finds its balance, like a river cutting through a mountain valley. It’s the path of least resistance. The pathways in your brain are well-formed. It is easier to walk that path than to blaze a new one. 

Here’s what I have to say to that — resist. 

We don’t have to stand up and martyr ourselves for the cause. We don’t have to march in streets, incite riot, subvert the government… we just have to work on ourselves every day, getting a little bit better, 1% better every day.

The brain notices changes, differences. Think of it this way. You are driving down a road and suddenly it gets a little bumpy. You notice this. You didn’t notice when the road was smooth. Life is just like that.

 Someone less charming and intelligent but of strong character usually proves to be more reliable and productive over the long run.

This entry is about as creative as a club sandwich.

When you go down a rabbit hole, you usually don’t find a rabbit

I compete against imaginary competitors. 

I think I’m winning.

I used to really be good at transactional analysis. Now I’m just OK.

I’m always disappointed when I go into Home Depot with Lowes expectations,

The great thing about writing here is that no one reads me. I know that sounds a little counterintuitive so let me explain. If I know that no one is reading me, then I am free to do a mind dump. I’m not only nearly anonymous, but furthermore no one even cares. I could be alone and naked on a mountaintop screaming my head off, with no one around for hundreds of miles. That takes the pressure off.

Most people seem to be all or nothing. It’s easier that way. I’m doing this. I’m not doing that. I’m married. I’m divorced. I love jazz. I hate country music. 

We do this because life is complicated. We try to make it simpler by identifying with certain bundles of personality traits. Move to the west coast, eat granola, and go hiking in the mountains. 

If I ran a landscaping company I’d call it Major Tom’s ground control.

 Bubbles aren’t like balloons, where the air can slowly leak out. Bubbles eventually pop.

I had to throw a hockey sweater away. Guys at the gym kept wanting to talk about hockey and hockey players. I don’t know anything about hockey or hockey players. It’s embarrassing