R3: van life, dog food and tape


Here are some recent random thoughts captured and now penned up here:

I was reading a blogpost the other day where the writer got mad at the grocery shop check out. He said that the guy behind him was crowding him and then asked if he could move his purchases up so the he too could put his groceries on the belt. The writer said no. “It wasn’t like he had a frozen turkey or anything”.

I was lost in Erie Pennsylvania once, not lost as much as first time in town. I suppose I was driving a little slow. A woman pulls around me flipping me the bird and yelling god knows what.

But then last week I got a little miffed at Costco when a guy was moving too slow in front of me. It’s always hard to see the big picture.

I watched a documentary about #vanlife. There were a few revelations. Here’s one. The average van-lifer only lives out of their van for about a year and a half before they give it up. I suppose the reality does not match up with the dream. 

Yesterday I was in the pet shop buying another big bag of dog food. 20 pounds of kibble. The same food the dog has eaten twice a day for the past 13 years. On the radio an old band from the mid 80s – the Spoons was playing and the clerk was singing along. I asked her if she knew who it was. She guessed a band that I had never heard of and so I told her. She said she’d heard the song so many times but never knew who the band was.

When I was a kid we had 

Scotch tape

Masking tape

Electrical tape

But we didn’t have Duct tape.

A bathroom right out of Home Depot. I have a dream.

 I never listen to the weather forecast in the wintertime, so I’m often surprised by expected weather.

I’m just finishing a book by an author I like (Murikami) and I’ve come to realize one reason that I like him is that he lives simply. He just accepts his fate and gets on with it. He has never strived for things in any of his books. He just lets life come to him. 

I’m doing more and more of that.