Choosing the best real estate representative can make all the difference when listing your home for sale


Choosing the best

When offering to sell one of your biggest investments, it’s interesting how some Kitchener-Waterloo area residents select their real estate agent. Several home sellers are leaving money and hard earned equity on the table, so thought I would share a couple of thoughts.

Some potential home sellers seek discount commission rates and some fall for other trickery. Some sellers turn to family members and good friends for agent suggestions without asking questions as to just how their realtor will attain top dollar in today’s market. Home sellers sold know that the market is frequently changing.

Sometimes buyers walk into an open house, make an offer and ask that agent, that they have just met, to list their house without asking any relevant questions. Wow! Sales representatives are not all the same. Far from it! Top representatives typically get even more cash for the same home than others representatives. In some cases far far more.

The old stating “you can’t judge a book by its cover” also applies with agents.

A solid sales representative can accomplish great things and get even more money for sellers! To put it simply, some sellers trying to save a bit of money on the front end will actually end up with less. A top agent needs to have the ability to bring in even more buyers giving better options for the home seller..

Drawing in major buyers and putting together solid agreements is really deliberate. Some representatives simply seem to let sellers and homebuyers muddle through and see if a deal fits or breaks down.

Even good real estate sales representatives that really care about their clients can be lacking in areas that really matter. It takes more experience and expertise to consistency get the job done.

Employing the most effective representative for the work with the required networks, support and competence for today’s market with guarantee you the greatest possibility for a top sale in any market.