time to shop

Most home shoppers prefer to shop on weekday mornings


Shopping online for a new home

According to this study, the majority of home shoppers prefer to shop on weekday mornings. We are talking of course about online, where shopping from the comfort of our office chair and smart phone is how we do it. I rarely put on pants and go out to show a home in the morning, on a weekday before 10am…but looking online, well, that’s another matter. 

We are compulsive when it comes to the internet. 

Shopping for a new home becomes like a job itself or like a obsessive hobby, so much so that when the perfect house is found, the mortgage has been secured and the inspection has been preformed, home buyers have a hard time kicking the habit of looking at realtor.ca

The internet allows us to indulge in out compulsive behaviour whatever that might be. 

Compulsive about van Life

Last year I became a little compulsive about a new hobby — van life. Before buying a Roadtrek and then afterwards I spent most of my free time online on youtube following people who live in their vans full time, building out stealth vans, driving dow to South America (learned about the Darien Gap) and around North America. On facebook I joined several groups of RVers, Roadtrek owners, boondockers and learned about water filters, insulation and city campgrounds.

The internet is an amazing tool.

Websites and portals

But back to real estate. The great thing about having three real estate websites as opposed to doing traditionally mass media marketing is that I get feedback about what blog posts people are most reading, when they are reading them, where they are reading them…and with the matrix system, local Realtors know which clients are checking the portal and which are not. Instant real time feedback. 

The big reveal

There are no big revelations here. 

We are looking at homes online when we should be working. According to the article, Friday morning at 10am is the busiest time, supposedly because home shoppers are planning their weekend visits. 

I find the busiest time to my website keithmarshall.ca is Tuesday at 11am. I suppose people are looking for more general information on Kitchener Waterloo and our many fine neighbourhoods.