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Feely Piano School


Feely Piano School has been one of the newest innovative music businesses to emerge from Waterloo.  This social enterprise at your door service hires, trains, vets and qualifies music teachers with Feely Music curriculum.  These hired teachers drive to your door and teach you there, saving time for busy parents with an online instant booking website.

We asked our teachers to show us what a day in the life of a travelling music teacher is like in Eastbridge, Laurelwood and the Boardwalk area. Read below to see what the music teachers had to say!


Eastbridge, Melissa

What I find with my 20 Eastbridge families is that all of the homes have an awesome layout.  Most are open concept and very spacious.  Because there are so many schools within walking distance, there are so many kids outside playing all of the time.  Our first music lessons ever started in an Easbridge Home on Schooner Drive, and it kick started our business instantly. Parents love that we save them time and drive to them.c
-Eastbridge holds 40 lessons each week with Feely Piano School.

Laurelwood, Emilee
I love teaching at home piano class in Laurelwood.  I notice that a lot of these homes are rented to mostly families with kids 5 and under.  I really like the location and the closeby parks and hidden forested areas.  Sometimes when  I have a cancellation I go for a walk in the forest, it’s really fun!
-Laurelwood holds 30 lessons each week with Feely Piano School

The Boardwalk, Rebekah
I teach about 20 students in the Boardwalk area and I find most of my students are aged 14-18, and retirement aged.  Many of my students attend schools by bus, and many of them attend arts specialized high schools.  Families are often buzzing in and out of the house to the nearby shopping areas, it’s been cool to see the area developed over the years.
-The Boardwalk holds 20 lessons each week with Feely Piano School

Feely Piano School teachers are available to book on their website. Join the 100 other Waterloo students who study with Feely Piano School.